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Simple Things You Can Do To Be Happy

Updated: Mar 17, 2021

March 14, 2016


Your biggest job in life is to get a Ph.D in YOU!

If I could talk to myself in my early 20’s, I would tell myself to not just get that college degree but more importantly to get a Ph.D in ME. I now tell this to my client’s in therapy and my friends. Your biggest job in life is to get a Ph.D in YOU! That means figuring out what makes you happy and prioritizing your happiness.

If you could only have 5-10 minutes, 1 hour, a full day or even a week, what would you do to make you happy? If we forget to prioritize our own self and restorative activities, we burn out and become anxious, irritable or short with others. You have one life to live and how are you going to spend it?

My new life goal is to be SUPER RICH! Rich in adventure, health, knowledge, laughter, family and love. This is happiness to me. I have a choice in darkness and in light to be the human that chooses this rich life and not wait for the “perfect conditions”, not to wait until such and such happens to be happy. I choose it now and in this moment. What do you choose?


Julie Kurtz is the Founder and CEO at the Center for Optimal Brain Integration®. For more information on Self-Care, visit We offer training and resources that may help you. Also, check out our book on Amazon called, Culturally Responsive Self-Care for Early Childhood Educators.

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