About US

Center for Optimal Brain Integration 
"Giving Every Child and Adult a Voice"
"Growing Human(E) Beings"

The Center for Optimal Brain Integration® (COBI), launched in 2019 is built on over 30 years of experience in the field of trauma-responsive, healing engaging, social-emotional and resilience building practices.  When we launched COBI, there was a single objective, to give every child and adult a voice. 


We wanted to offer an approach that is based in research and evidence informed. It is an approach that individualizes helping children and/or adults find a path to optimize health and wellness physically, socially, emotionally and spiritually.   


We strive to give every child and adult a voice and to promote the concept of optimal brain integration to maximize the human growth potential.


At the Center for Optimal Brain Integration®, we offer many platforms for adult learning for individuals, small programs and larger organizations on social-emotional, trauma responsive and resilience building practices.


Contact us and together we will design a service delivery that fits your individual and organizational needs.


  • Training in your community

  • Virtual training

  • Asynchronous Self-Paced Training for Individuals or Teams

  • Coaching to practice and implementation 

  • Technical assistance

  • Training of Trainer Institute for Authorization in trauma-responsive and resilience building modules

  • Communities of Practices

  • Reflective/Resilience groups

  • Resources to build your capacity to provide trauma responsive care and education

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