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Center for Optimal Brain Integration® 

  • Giving Every Child and Adult a Voice

  • Growing Human(E) Beings

With over 30 years of collective experience, we care about providing services that help humans reach their highest potential.  Every training or consultive support, maximizes an opportunity to develop integrated and optimal health. The Center for Optimal Brain Integration® trains, coaches and consults internationally on trauma-responsive practices and social-emotional strategies that build resilience.
Our Mission:
  • Growing Human(E) Beings!
  • Giving Every Child and Adult a Voice!
At the Center for Optimal Brain Integration®, we offer many platforms for adult learning for individuals, small programs and larger organizations on social-emotional, trauma responsive and resilience building practices.
Contact us and together we will design a service delivery that fits your individual and organizational needs.
  • Training Virtually or In-Person
  • Asynchronous Self-Paced Training
  • Coaching to Practice
  • Technical Assistance
  • Training of Trainer Institute for Authorization
  • Communities of Practices
  • Reflective/Resilience groups
  • Resources to Build Capacity to Provide Trauma-Responsive Services
Contact Us:
Email: optimalbrainintegration@gmail.com
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