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Sensory and Emotional Check-In 

Created by Julie Kurtz

Trigger Stop Sensory and Emotion Check in App

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Companion Guide and Instructions for using the APP with children


Free Downloadable Version

Trigger Stop: Sensory and Emotional Check-In and Downloadable Arrow and Thermometer

Trigger Stop: Sensory and Emotional Check-In

(Available now on Apple and Google Play Stores)

Welcome to Trauma Trigger Stop: Sensory and Emotional Check-In Application designed for children developmentally ages 3-8 years.  This smart phone/tablet APP is intended for use for children who might not be able to access their words when their emotions are intense, and they become dysregulated in the moment.  Whether a result of a trauma trigger or emotional trigger in that moment, a child may not have access to the executive parts of their brain in charge of reasoning, logic or words.  The APP can be used to help a child communicate what they are feeling, experiencing emotionally or the sensations in their body during that emotional charge.  An adult who tunes in to how a child feels can better help them calm and regulate their emotions.  Sometimes they do not know or cannot access words when dysregulated.  This gives them an opportunity to share what they may be experiencing by dragging images that match their internal state of sensations and emotions.  It is best to proactively teach children when they are calm how to use the APP first.  Introducing it when they are triggered, emotionally flooded and/or dysregulated is not recommended.  Teaching them to use the feeling and sensory check-in on the APP when they are regulated, and calm will help children build the muscle to better be able to identify and communicate their feelings and sensations before or during a triggering event.





"I used the APP with my 4-year old daughter Haley.  We practiced when she was calm learning about the 4 zones of flight (orange), fight (red), freeze (blue) and calm (green).  She always had fun reading books and practicing what the characters in the books felt and their physiological sensations. She also really enjoyed pretending with stories we made up together and then exploring the range of sensations and feelings using the APP.  Then one day she became real life in the moment dysregulated and upset.  We pulled out the Trigger Stop APP and she was able to move the thermometer to the red zone and she put in an angry face and several sensory images of dinosaurs, volcanoes and lightening bolts conveying the intensity of her anger.  At first she could not use her words but communicated to me nonverbally while I tuned in to her internal emotional experience by just paying attention and noticing and commenting, "wow, dinosaurs in your belly - that is big emotion" or "I wonder if you are angry right now.".  Then within 15 minutes, her emotions calmed and I asked her if she felt different and wanted to show me using the APP.  She moved the thermometer to green and put flowers and rainbows all inside her body.  Once she was calm, she was able to share the story of what happened to her.  I really feel like practicing sensory and emotional literacy when she was calm helped her identify and communicate nonverbally and verbally when she was in the middle of a real emotional trigger."  Clara - Mom of Haley

"I wanted to let you know I purchased your APP Trigger Stop.  I used it the other day with a student and it worked great !  I also shared it with some colleagues & parents. Very simple but very effective!" - Teacher, New York

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