Trainer of Trainers Institute for Apprentices (ToT-IA)

The purpose of the Training of Trainer Institute for Apprentices (ToT-IA) is to help individuals from diverse professional disciplines to become authorized in one or more of the COBI ™ Trauma-Responsive and Resilience-Building Modules. Once accepted, apprentices are guided to learn and develop in two key areas:  

1. Content Knowledge

2. Trauma-Responsive Facilitation Skills

Apprentices will participate in: 

  • Training of Trainer (ToT) Meetings: During ToT meetings, participants observe a master trainer, learn targeted content, and practice facilitating the content in a training format. (Observe, Learn and Practice)

  • Community of Practice (CoP) Meetings:  During CoP meetings, participants are pre-assigned reading and come prepared to have reflective conversations about the reading assignments and the application of the concepts to practice