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The purpose of the Training of Trainer, Trauma-Responsive Institute for Authorization (ToT-TRIA) is to help individuals from diverse professional disciplines to become authorized in one or more of the COBI Trauma-Responsive and Resilience-Building Modules. Authorization begins with the Core Module 100, but apprentices may become authorized in modules beyond the Core 100. Once accepted, apprentices are guided to learn and develop in 3 key areas:  


As an apprentice trainer, there are three key competencies that are gained to become authorized:

1. Content Knowledge

  • Neurobiology of trauma and the difference between a challenging behavior and a trauma trigger

  • The science behind the brain and behavior

  • Resilience, neuroplasticity and the hope for healing across the lifespan

  • Key trauma-responsive practices that promote resilience 

  • Understanding the diffference between SEL and Trauma Training

2. Trauma-Responsive Trainer Strategies to Promote Safety

  • Create safety for participants

  • Build nurturing responsive relationships during the training

  • Provide predictable and safe environments for learning

  • Promote regulation, mindfulness and grounding strategies

  • Keeping participants in the "Window of Tolerance" or "Optimal Zone of Arousal"

  • Learn virtual and in-person training techniques to promote engagement

  • Practice strategies for when a participant becomes emotionally triggered

 3. Communication of the Content Knowledge in Training

  • Answering content questions

  • Articulating a concept for clarity

  • Learning through engagement

  • The art of storytelling to engage listeners

  • Facilitating small and large group discussions

  • Connecting to the conceptual underpinning of the slide content

Apprentices participate in: 

-Training of Trainer (ToT) Meetings: During ToT meetings, apprentices observe a mentor level trainer, learn targeted content, and practice facilitating the content in a training format called Observe, Learn and Practice

-Community of Practice (CoP) Meetings:  During CoP meetings, apprentices are pre-assigned reading and come prepared to have reflective conversations about the reading assignments and the application of the concepts to practice.  The CoP is also designed to go deeper in understanding trauma.

-Observing the mentor train in the module in which they are becoming authorized

-Train on the module they are becoming authorized

-Submission of a portfolio

-Read selected readings and submit reading reflection forms

-Attend practice and planning sessions for the find presentation

If I am authorized in a module, what are the benefits?

*Going deeper in my understanding of trauma and resilience for educators

*I can train in my community

*I have access to all handouts, the PowerPoint and materials associated with the training

*I will be provided a video and written trainer guide

*I become a part of the national authorized trainers for the COBI community

*I have access to unlimited technical support from COBI after authorization

*Giving every child a voice who has experience trauma

What are the three potential certifications I can receive from attending the ToT-TRIA?

  • Certificate of Authorization - You are authorized to train or coach on the Module in your community. 

  • Certificate of Completion - You have completed all the necessary requirements of the ToT-TRIA but are not authorized yet to coach/train.  You may be eligible to work with the Center for Optimal Brain Integration® to develop a plan to achieve authorization.

  • Certificate of Participation - You completed a certain number of hours of the program but are not able to train or coach. You may be eligible to work with the Center for Optimal Brain Integration® to develop a plan to achieve authorization.


"As we reflect on our work during 2020/2021, we are grateful for the collaboration and deep, impactful work we have been blessed to create with you. Global social justice issues, civil unrest, a historical pandemic, and social distancing leading to distance everything inspired you, our visionary leaders, to rise and think innovatively to meet unique challenges. It was an honor to walk with you during this time and link, leverage, and lift each other. Thank you for always being a champion for children and families" - Sonja Robinson, Los Angeles County Office of Education

"I can't end this email without letting you know what a profound difference your trauma-informed approach to teaching and training us means to me. I am deeply appreciative of your awareness and application of the practices - they would be meaningful to anyone, but for someone like me with a trauma history, they feel life-changing. You are an amazing human being and I feel so lucky to have you in my life. - Lisa Katzman, Oakland CA

"Julie, you are a gift and a blessing. After completing the Training of Trainer with you, I am now a part of a larger system of trauma informed care and it really has changed my life. There is some short video of one of my panel responses coming out through the ACEs Convening Network. I was the only one on the panel that wasn't an MD, and they chose my responses to broadcast for the Thrive website. I enjoy being a part of our Trauma Informed Leadership Team for East County. I have gotten so many offers for jobs and to speak since meeting you. It is a great feeling that anyone would even want to hear what I have to say. It is like a really big surprise that my name is floating around as a person to utilize in trauma informed and healing engaged care. So, it is you who has helped me find ways to integrate this work personally and professionally. I am always singing your praises for you are a remarkable and phenomenal spirit." - LaKrisha Dillard, California


After participating in the Training of Trainer, Trauma-Responsive Institute for Authorization, I can now say that I better understand Trauma-Informed Care and Responsive Practices. I can't express enough how impactful this experience was! If you believe that every child should have a VOICE, I encourage you to attend this institute. Julie is one incredible soul! She makes sure that she creates a safe and comfortable learning space for everyone as you dive into such vital content related to trauma. After attending this institute, I have improved my training skills and acquired many helpful strategies and resources that I can now share with the community as a trainer. - Atti Wali


"The Training of Trainer Institute with Julie was the most fulfilling, impactful, and important experience in my 30 year career. I would encourage everyone to take advantage of this opportunity. It is life-changing, not only as the trainer, but especially for those you train and the children in their care." ❤️ -Jill Wandzilak-St. Peter

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Authorized Trainers

2020 Trauma-Responsive and Resilience Building Modules 100 and 200

Silvia Bonilla – Bilingual Spanish
Vanessa Chen – Bilingual Chinese/Mandarin
Vincent Cheng
Denice Lara – Bilingual Spanish
Wendy Lo – Bilingual Chinese/Mandarin
Rainbow Markell
Valentina Torres – Bilingual Spanish
Su Mei Wu – Bilingual Chinese/Mandarin

2020 Trauma-Responsive and Resilience Building Modules 100

Angelena Banks

2020 Health and Wellness Toolkit Spotlight Training

Silvia Bonilla – Bilingual Spanish
Denice Lara – Bilingual Spanish
Wendy Lo – Bilingual Chinese/Mandarin
Valentina Torres – Bilingual Spanish
Su Mei Wu – Bilingual Chinese/Mandarin

2021 Trauma-Responsive and Resilience Building Module 100

Martha Gomez – Bilingual Spanish
Susanne Kreuzer
Star Mohatt
Judy Radiloff
Kathryn Clark Silveira
Jenni Silverstein
Jill St. Peter
Brulene Zanutto


2022 Trauma-Responsive and Resilience Building Module 100

Mandy Bailey
Kate Barbero
Araceli Berenice Cano Ureña – Bilingual Spanish
Alisa Burton
Tonya Byers
Li Wen Cheng – Bilingual Chinese/Mandarin
Audra Coburn
Emily Darlington
Joan Davidson
Silvia De La Riva – Bilingual Spanish
Katy Downs-Stroh
Wenonah Elms
Julie Falconer
DeCondia Ferguson
Denise Gale
Nathanael Gale
Stephanie Gomez
Lori Gonzalez
Pamela Gonzalez – Bilingual Spanish
Sandra Gonzales-Pabon – Bilingual Spanish
Shadaneca Harbour
Cher Her – Bilingual Hmong
Lee Ho – Bilingual Chinese/Mandarin
Namie Ideura – Bilingual Japanese
Lisa Katzman
Kristen Krauss
Jena Kubiak
Erica Lara – Bilingual Spanish
Sandra Lee
Breana Marino
Camille Mays
Yuliana McMurtry – Bilingual Russian
Melissa Melara – Bilingual Spanish
Hazel Naal – Bilingual Spanish
Angelia "La La" Ochoa
Jayme Oliver
Marissa Pacheco – Bilingual Spanish
Teresa Palomino – Bilingual Spanish
Liz Penman
Jean Raghib
Adriana Ramirez Diaz – Bilingual Spanish
Sonja Robinson
Vanessa Romero
Christina Roseli
Rebecca Russell
Noemi Sanchez – Bilingual Spanish
Ramee Serwanga
Stacy Sewell
Susan Shepardson
Kevin Smith
Robyn Solansky
Cathy Sprints
Rochelle Sweet
Yuen Sin Larissa Tam – Bilingual Chinese/Mandarin
Isela Turner – Bilingual Spanish
Maria Magdalena Velarde – Bilingual Spanish
Atti Wali
Sam Watson-Alvarado
Tony Wu – Bilingual Chinese/Mandarin

2022 Trauma-Responsive and Resilience Building Module 100 Infant and Toddler

Kate Barbero
Tonya Byers
Audra Coburn
Joan Davidson
Denise Gale

Nate Gale
Stephanie Gomez
Shadaneca Harbour

Erica Lara - Bilingual Spanish
Cher Her – Bilingual Hmong
Noemi Sanchez – Bilingual Spanish
Robyn Solansky
Cathy Sprints
Rochelle Sweet

2023  Trauma-Responsive and Resilience Building Module 200

Alisa Burton

Emily Darlington

Wenonah Elms

DeCondia Ferguson

Star Fishel-Mohatt

Sandra Gonzales-Pabon - Bilingual Spanish

Lisa Katzman

Angelia Ochoa

Jill Wandzilak-St. Peter

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