Mission & Core Principles

Center for Optimal Brain Integration® 

"Giving Every Child and Adult a Voice"

"Growing Human(E) Beings"

A NorthStar and Heartfelt approach that promotes optimal brain integration so that all children and adults can have optimal health socially, emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically.



At the Center for Optimal Brain Integration®, we provide training and a range of services to support individuals, programs and communities to become trauma responsive and build capacity for coping, resilience and healing.

Core Principles

  • Build Mutually Respectful and Trusting Relationships

  • Understand Stress and Trauma

  • Establish Safety and Predictability

  • Focus on Strengths and Promote Coping, Resilience and Healing

  • Build Empathy and Understanding: “What is Strong with You” versus “What is Wrong with You”

  • Take Responsive Actions to Support Equity and Justice

  • Plan and Engage for Sustainability ​


Terms and Symbols:

Northstar - We work with a sense of hope that toxic stress and trauma can and will be changed for the better over time as a result of individual, community and collective sources of strength, resilience, and perseverance


Heart - We focus on children’s, adults’, families’, programs’ and communities’ strengths, assets, capacities and promise


Optimal Brain Integration - The neurobiological foundations that support healthy development and optimize children and adults’ potential for learning, health and life success

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