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Culturally Responsive Self-Care Practices for Early Childhood Educators

Nicholson, J., Shimpi Driscoll, P., Kurtz, J., Marquez, D., and Wesley, L. (2019)

The first self-care book designed specifically for the early childhood field, this guide is filled with helpful strategies and tools that you can implement immediately. Recognizing that self-care is not one-size fits all, the authors present culturally responsive strategies drawn from diverse early childhood staff working in a range of roles across communities and contexts. Through key research findings, effective strategies and personal anecdotes, this accessible guide helps readers understand and engage with the critical role self-care and wellness-oriented practices play in creating strong foundations for high quality early learning programs. 

Trauma-Informed Practices for Early Childhood Educators: Relationship-Based Approaches that Support Healing and Build Resilience in Young Children

Nicholson, J., Perez, L., & Kurtz, J. Routledge. (2018)

Co-authored Trauma-Informed Practices for Early Childhood Educators guides child care providers and early educators working with infants, toddlers, preschoolers, and early elementary aged children to understand trauma as well as its impact on young children’s brains, behavior, learning, and development. The book introduces a range of trauma-informed teaching and family engagement strategies that readers can use in their early childhood programs to create strength-based environments that support children’s health, healing, and resiliency. Supervisors and coaches will learn a range of powerful trauma-informed practices that they can use to support workforce development and enhance their quality improvement initiatives.​​