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A Soul Purpose or Life Sentence? #Present Moment Awareness

Updated: Mar 17, 2021

Once the umbilical cord is cut and the baby officially enters the planet earth as an independent being, they lose instant connection to what is the highest form of universal truths and collective soul energy (some call it God, Allah, Buddha, Science, Higher Power or Nature). 

We arrive on planet earth as human beings, an independent soul in a body with limitations and ego and for the first time a sense of ‘self’. We immediately disconnect from that highest form of universal truths and collective knowing. 

When we disconnect at birth, we begin a new journey. That journey can be a life sentence or an uncovering of our soul purpose!

Scientists state 95% of the time we are operating unconsciously, living each day in a habit without ever being aware of our sensations, feelings, thoughts or our behaviours (also known as unconscious habits). 

If we live our lives “unconscious” every day, what does that look like? 

Most of us were raised to cast the spotlight of our attention outward on performing, listening, learning about all things that exist outside of our “self”. 

We were taught to look outward to our appearance, success, winning, making money, gaining possessions or gaining acceptance or love at all costs. 

We spend most of our time scanning what we will do next in the

future (anxiety) or fretting over past events (depression). 

Most children are not raised to cast the spotlight inward on the universe that lives inside of them…sensations, feelings or thoughts. We are not taught to be present in the moment with ourselves. 

Most humans grow up disconnected from their inner world of sensations, feelings and thoughts. 

Have you noticed that when we become stressed, anxious or depressed, we make attempts to ‘feel happy’ by altering our appearance, going on crash diets, purchasing material possessions, working too much all in the attempt to find happiness? 

We lose ourselves on our journey, leading to a LIFE SENTENCE.

  • How do I wake up from this unconscious state and exit the cycle that might become a life sentence? 

  • How do I wake up and connect back to the universal source of energy from which I came AND uncover my SOUL PURPOSE on this earth? 

The truth does not lie in what we think! 

Literally, you have to stop thinking. Soul purpose is not achieved by making a list, putting together a strategic plan, setting goals, performing or thinking your way toward it.

Walking this road less travelled means practicing present moment awareness. 

How can present moment awareness lead me to my life purpose? When we connect to the present moment, we are able to tune inward and listen to how we feel and what we need. 

Tuning inward allows us to pause and listen to the higher truths that live within us.

Every day we are faced with choices to take the low road or the high road. When we keep making unconscious choices based on fear we take the low road. 

When we listen to our own inner voice within, we can do two things:

  1. Make choices that take the highest road of good for self, others and community. 

  2. Make choices that authentically match who we are and our soul’s purpose on planet earth.

Lydia’s Story:

“I was born on the planet to help others. I have been that way since I was a little girl. I grew up with a father who was abusive and experienced trauma alongside my mother and three brothers. 

I forgot to listen to who I was and to trust my inner voice. I lived in fear. 

I developed an eating disorder to have a sense of control over my life when internally I felt out of control. 

Emotionally I lived daily in a state of anxiety and fear. I was hijacked by my fear and did not even know it. 

I was in the middle of my own scary movie so had no perspective and felt I had no way to escape. I began the journey of healing or listening to my inner voice and the universe that lives inside of me. I learned to identify my feelings and the size of my feelings. 

As I became more in touch with my feelings, my sense of empathy for others increased.

I learned present moment awareness and when I had overwhelming emotions, I learned self-regulation strategies to help me get through those hard emotions without hurting myself or others (i.e. breathing techniques, going for walks, journaling). I learned how to identify and express my emotions in a healthy way. 

The more I became aware of how I felt and what I needed in the moment, the more I made choices that took me to higher and healthier paths and that were authentic to what my inner voice said I needed, not what I thought others expected or said I should do. 

Then something slowly but magical happened. 

The more I was present to myself and healed my wounds; the more new and wonderful things came to me that were more in connection to my soul purpose. 

Waves of new opportunities and new people entered my life leading me closer to what my heart and soul leaped with joy doing…helping others grow to become not just humans but human(E)!”

Finding your soul purpose happens when you S.T.O.P. and focus on present moment awareness, what do I feel and what do I need, what is the present moment bringing to me now? 

The present moment brings whatever you need next on your journey. This STOP tool can help you find your present moment today:

Video demonstration of the S.T.O.P Practice:

Please contact us for more information or join us on social media!

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